Sound reduction and performance increase in your workspace

POSTED ON 25/05/2018

Noise and bad acoustics can not only be distracting, sounds from computers, photocopiers, mobile phones, street noise, conference calls, etc. can even become irritating. A study of the VDI (Assosication of German Engineers) puts the losses of performance due to noise and visual disturbances at 20 – 30%. Sound absorbing carpet tiles can reduce the losses of performance.

INCATI carpet tiles reduce sound

As a textile, carpet is a natural sound absorber and reduces impact noise while absorbing sound within the space. All our qualities have sound absorbing qualities and reduce impact noise. Several collections even reach the αw 0,35 treshold, reducing sound up to 50%. 

The importance of sound reduction

Sound is an important aspect in many buildings. Office environments, hotels, schools and educational facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare infrastructure, in all these environments, bad acoustics and intrusive sounds can damage the functionality of the environment. 

Modern office workplaces should support work optimally and provide a positive ambiance to the employees, furthermore, they should encourage staff motivation and the power of concentration. Flexible office structures combined with communicative room structures meet these demands best.

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